The CECAM-UK Daresbury node

The CECAM-UK-Daresbury node  is hosted by STFC’s Scientific Computing Department (SCD). The Department is spread over two sites, respectively Daresbury Laboratory, and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The computational research interests and capabilities are among others

  • Data intensive computing, Numerical analysis, Cognitive computing, and Software engineering
  • Multiscale modelling in physics, chemistry, materials science, life sciences, and engineering
  • Computational modelling in support of STFC experimental programmes (ALC)
  • Computational modelling support of of UK scientific community through Collaborative Computational Projects under the Computational Science Centre for Research (CoSeC)

The Computational Science Centre for Research Communities (CoSeC) supports the advancement of scientific research by developing and strengthening software to analyse and solve increasingly complex problems in physics, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, and more. Funded by EPSRC, MRC, and BBSRC, CoSeC provides a hub for exchanging knowledge and expertise through training, outreach, and long-term partnerships and collaborations with universities and other research establishments.

The Ada Lovelace Centre (ALC) is a centre of expertise in research software engineering and data management, helping STFC national facilities (Diamond Light Source, Central Laser Facility, ISIS neutron and muon source) and closely linked departments and institutes (STFC Scientific Computing, Rosalind Franklin Institute) to maximise their scientific and economic impact along all parts of the data chain.